The perfect Romanian summer dessert: courtesy of Colieri

06 iulie

In search for the ideal summer dessert: refreshing and delicious with every bite

Radauti is a small Romanian city that seems to be the voice of culinary delight in the North. More and more tourists come here to enjoy amazing dishes, worth remembering after years and years. Very good food has a way of sticking with you, even after a long period of time. In the summer season vacations begin to take life. We begin to think of possible touristic experiences, something in us begins to stir.

It is a lovely experience to start planning for a vacation, especially in a new country, where so many interesting stories await to be discovered. When the sun shows its “true colors”, you start to think of new places to visit. Romania seems to be a top touristic destination among Europeans. Are you surprised? We think not!

Taking into account that the high temperatures make it difficult for some foods to be digested, people are very selective when it comes to what they eat. Every experienced cook knows this particular reality. To this end, cooks do their best to prepare delicious food, easy to digest. Still, we are going to speak about the end of a culinary experience: the absolute cherry on top – dessert. Everyone has a sweet tooth, visible in different degrees. From time to time we want to eat something sweet, capable of “stealing” a sincere smile of gratitude.

Some of the best chefs in the world manage to create amazing desserts, with fresh ingredients. If you are by any chance in Radauti, consider coming to Colieri restaurant. Why? This is a restaurant that has amazing desserts, which you can eat with pleasure.

Best desserts to eat in Radauti at Colieri Restaurant

Seeing as more and more tourists have their eyes set on Bukovina, we are more than prepared to greet visitors with delicious food and a couple of special dishes. Since desserts in the summertime, when the temperatures reach sometimes critical points, are hard to come by, chefs have their work cut out to deliver amazing treats. New sweet and sour tastes emerge from new mixes of ingredients. Setting the tone for an unforgettable culinary experience is easier in Radauti, where fresh ingredients are easier to find. The locals in Bukovina place a special emphasis on clean living and healthy food. This is why most restaurants in the area offer clients dishes with fresh ingredients.

The locals in Bukovina place a special emphasis on clean living and healthy food. This is why most restaurants in the area offer clients dishes with fresh ingredients. At Colieri restaurant you will always find delicious dishes, prepared with attention by experienced cooks.

desert tarta de mere inghetata

Our chefs can’t wait to impress you with their dishes. They work tiresomely to create stunning dishes, prepared with fruits and unforgettable creams. Are you currently reading to discover the optimal dessert for this summer? If you are, then come with confidence to our restaurant! We can’t wait to offer you access to amazing desserts, prepared with attention to delight your senses. Are you ready to try out some of our desserts? If your answer is a definitive YES, then consider coming to our restaurant. We can’t wait to introduce you to some of our most popular summer desserts!

Top summer desserts in Radauti: Colieri can’t wait to surprise you!

When you want to eat a delicious dessert in Radauti, come with enthusiasm to our restaurant. We shall surprise you with a couple of interesting dishes. Let’s start things off with a delicious apple tart, completed by ice cream. Hot Gold is definitely a delicious treat, which different tourists ate with pleasure time after time. Are you in the mood for a cheesecake with forest fruits and oranges? If you are then order with confidence the Sublime Treat. This delicious cheesecake managed to impress a lot of visitors, used to different types of desserts.

Even though the summer is generous with touristic possibilities, sometimes we feel the need to cool off and enjoy a short freeze of culinary coldness. If you want a little bit of sweet refreshment, try our Cold Crystals. This is a tasty fruits salad, completed by sublime cream. Another dessert that you could try in our restaurant is Childhood Pleasures, very popular among the little ones and nostalgic people.

Why should choose to try this treat? You will receive pancakes with sweet cheese and a very delightful cream sauce. Let’s not forget the mint leaves that raise the taste buds to new levels of excitement. There are also other desserts that can make your day a lot better: Sweet Treats in syrup, Bukovina Sweet, Moldova’s purple eyes and the Jeweller’s blessings (cheese pancakes with chocolate and peanut crème).

Whenever you have the chance to try a delicious dessert in Radauti, our menu will not disappoint! It is easier than ever to explore delicious dishes in this tiny but charming city. At Colieri restaurant you will always find creative chefs, ready to make your culinary experience one of a kind! Where is our restaurant located in Radauti? Our address is located at street 1 May, number 5, Postal code 725400. You can call us at the following telephone number – 0230 565 500 – in order to make a reservation. Furthermore, you have the liberty of sending us an email at We shall respond fast and true Romanian hospitality.

We can’t wait to impress clients with some of our desserts. Not only that but you will find our restaurant a comfortable place to eat something delicious.

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