The perfect breakfast in Radauti: where to find it?

29 septembrie

Rediscover the amazing morning culinary potential of Colieri Restaurant today

In 2017 a growing number of people visit Northern Romania with pleasure. They come here to discover amazing spiritual places and superb historical buildings. This particular region is called Bukovina and attracts every year people from all over Europe. Are you surprised? We think not. It is very important for them to know a couple of things about the objectives they are about to see or the places they can stay in. There are a couple of interesting touristic objectives that might become unforgettable memories. Bukovina is a region that simply astonishes visitors with its general atmosphere, welcoming locals, historical buildings, and astonishing local cuisine. Are you now ready to discover more things about an enticing city in Bukovina? Well, if your answer is yes, then the following rows will prove to be quite helpful.

Radauti is a tiny city in northern Romania and yet, it manages to attract new visitors with each month. How come? Well, this city is “home” to a wide range of culinary delights, created by inventive cooks. At the same time, this is probably the best place to find a great restaurant to eat something traditional. There are a lot of visitors that to Radauti to eat a traditional dish, created with attention by a skilled cook. It is pretty amazing to eat a traditional Romanian food, which reunites different ingredients. If you do a proper research on the culinary sources in Radauti, you will be able to come across a wide range of interesting restaurants.

Now, each moment of the day comes with a specific culinary. In the early moments of the day, we have to eat breakfast. It is recommended not to skip on breakfast and eat delicious treats. This is probably the best way to start the day with a full source of energy. It would be nice to have the right amount of energy to embark on different activities.

cafea buna in radauti mic dejun

Where to eat a delicious breakfast in Radauti city?

If your trip brought you to Radauti, then you need to know where to eat something delicious. How can you find a respectable restaurant in this city? Well, you could read a couple of reviews on the culinary potential of each restaurant present in Radauti. This is a good way to determine whether or not a specific restaurant is right up your alley, offering swift access to amazing dishes. Today you have the possibility of visiting Colieri restaurant. This is a lovely place, with charming people and amazing food! You won’t be disappointed by what you find in the restaurant’s menu. We have created a menu that matches distinct culinary needs, offering people the chance to eat well irrespective of the time of day. Now, let’s get back to breakfast and what we have to offer. You will be surprised by the amazing breakfast dishes that we created for a morning treat.

We have delicious breakfast that you could eat with pleasure in Radauti! What do you have to know about our offer? Well, you could invest a little bit of your time to discover our breakfast section. This is where you will find:

  1. Smashing Breakfast

  2. Pleasant Breakfast

  3. Tranquil Breakfast

These three types of breakfast were created in order to fulfill distinct culinary needs. Every client comes with its own set of morning cravings. This is why it comes as no surprise to see clients choose one of the three breakfast types in our restaurant. We also offer them the possibility of mixing things up, creating thus a personalized breakfast, packed with joyous delights. Once you come to our restaurant, you will get the chance to eat delicious treats, created by skilled cooks. If you want to eat a delicious breakfast in Radauti come with confidence to our restaurant.  We are pretty sure that you will love our breakfast.

Smashing Breakfast is definitely one for men to appreciate. It comes packed with different types of carefully selected ingredients: tomatoes, homemade sausages, pastrami, cucumber and more. It has all the necessary ingredients to make you smile and ask for more. Men that ordered this type of breakfast were more than satisfied with their choice.

Pleasant Breakfast is more than capable of making your morning quite special. It is comprised out of omelets with different trimmings (tomatoes, cucumber, olives, cheese), omelets with sausages, pane cheese with fried eggs. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of this breakfast. It was photographed on several occasions and went viral on different social networks.

Tranquil Breakfast is a smooth treat that goes well with the soul. How come? Well, it has a light touch that sticks with you. You will get a cup of delicious coffee, milk or tea (at your request), with toasted bread, butter, honey or sweet ham. It is your choice and our delight.

We can’t wait to serve you a good breakfast!

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