Plan on visiting Bukovina? Eat something special at Colieri Restaurant

05 iulie

Discover the excitement of eating true traditional Romanian food in Radauti!

In 2017 there is an amazing passion for food, found in different forms and places around the world. More and more people are searching for delicious food, capable of transporting them into a joy of culinary delights. Considering the fact that Romania is visited by tourists from all over the world, it comes as no surprise to local restaurants prepare to offer amazing culinary experiences.

Some of these restaurants are now preparing dishes that can impress clients, no matter where they come from. There are some chefs in Romania with a real passion for fresh local ingredients. Vegetables and fruits are used with care by chefs to create delicious dishes, which clients truly adore!

Recent statistics have shown that Bukovina is one of the most visited Romanian regions, attracting people from all over the world. Are you surprised? Probably not! In the northern part of Romania, there are amazing citadels and monasteries, with deep historical roots, set in the XII-th and XIII-th centuries. Besides the historical anchor, Bukovina has unique natural gifts, which seems to impress visitors time after time. If you plan to visit Romania, you are in for a real treat! This is where you can find beautiful people and delicious food.

Food travels in Bukovina: searching for real traditional dishes in Radauti

In the present tourists have a lot of things to do in Radauti, a small town that promises to impress with its warm hospitality and very good restaurants. Seeing as more and more people want to be greeted by delicious food every single time they visit a new place, we are not surprised to see so many restaurants trying to offer unique dishes, prepared with care. Where can you find a good restaurant in Radauti? Well, there are many places that promise to greet you with delicious food. Some of them are pretty generous with their food. Some people love to be surprised, especially when it comes to food.

One of the most popular restaurants in Radauti is Colieri. This is where you can delicious dishes, prepared by creative and experienced cooks. It would be a real shame not to eat here if you have the time. You will be surprised by a diverse menu, with different types of dishes.

As more and more people want to enjoy their travels and not come face to face with stress, it is soothing to know that you have a restaurant where you can eat well. If you want to go through a real culinary experience, one that can become a vivid memory in your mind, take a moment to learn a couple of things about Colieri. Our restaurant is always ready to greet people that want to taste true Romanian cuisine, with touches of Bukovina tradition. What do expect if you come to our restaurant?

At Colieri Restaurant in Colieri you can choose from a wide variety of dishes, each one created to offer a particular culinary experience. You should now that we prepare each dish with care and with fresh ingredients. Our cooks are keen on offering you unforgettable culinary experiences and to this end, they work to create the very best dish possible. As we mentioned before, at Colieri you will find different types of food, created to satisfy a particular craving. To this end you can find in our menu pizza, breakfast, soups, traditional Romanian food, meat dishes, fish dishes, pizza, salads and obviously tasty desserts.

Top culinary treats at Colieri restaurant in Radauti

We like to surprise our visitors with every dish present in the menu. Still, if it is your first time in Bukovina, more specifically Radauti, consider eating traditional Romanian food. This is probably the best way to connect with the local vibe. Romanians love their pork food and this is why you should not be surprised to see this meat take the central stage in most traditional dishes.

If you are in Bukovina then you should start your culinary adventure with “Bukovina Stew” (Tochitura Bucovineana). It is like nothing you’ve ever eaten before. This dish is comprised out of fried pork chunks, with homemade sausages, smoked ribs, fried eff, Burduf cheese and the famous mamaliguta. There are many tourists want to eat mamaliguta, a traditional Romanian replacement to bread. It is absolutely delicious, especially if you mix it up with Burduf cheese.

If you want to eat another traditional food that will delight you (100%!) consider opting for Jambon de Bonton. If you choose this dish, you will get a smoke jambon, served with amazing beans. Tourists that opted for this dish were more than pleased with their choice. If you are part of a small group of four you can order one of our Treasure dishes. For instance: we have Valley Treasure, Treasure top of the hill, brought from Ardeal and also Treasure top of the Mountain. These treasures are DELICIOUS!  Ask the waiter for more information on each treasure in part.

What about desserts? You are in for a real treat!

After eating a copious meal, you want to treat yourself with something sweet but with a local twist. Well, if are in our restaurant, you have the possibility of choosing pretty amazing desserts. People that came to our restaurant in Radauti were more than pleased with our dessert options.

Among the most popular deserts in our menu you will find Childhood Pleasures (pancakes with sweet cheese and cream sauce), Chilling crystals (tasty fruit salad with whip cream), Saucy Cravings (pears in wine sauce), Bukovina Sweet (tocinei with cream, which you can complete with blueberry jam or honey), ice cream, Hot Gold (Apple tart with ice cream – kids favourite). These are only a couple of the desserts that you can order when you’re in our restaurant.

restaurant Colieri preparate pui curcan

Now that you know where to eat something really good in Radauti, come to our restaurant and try these dishes live. You will not be disappointed by them. On the contrary! If you want to delight your culinary senses with amazing Romanian food, discover first hand our dishes. We are pretty sure that our menu has what it takes to leave an impression.

It is very easy to reach our restaurant. Our address is 1st of May Street, Number 5, postal code 725400, Radauti. We can’t wait to greet you with delicious food!  

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