Plan a special culinary experience in Bukovina at Colieri

12 septembrie

The joy of exploring new culinary delights in wonderful Romania

Recent online surveys have shown that a growing number of people are currently looking for new places to visit in Eastern Europe. This particular region of Europe was relatively ignored in the past. Nowadays Europeans and not only, have set their eyes on Romania, a country that seems to impress with its natural wonders and historical legacy. It is probably not a surprise to see Romania among the top rated touristic locations. Thousands of tourists come from all over world to discover the most popular Romanian places to visit and stories to enjoy. Bukovina is one of the most visited regions of our country, attracting food lovers and curious tourists. What can you expect from this region? Well, we invite you to discover a couple of interesting things about the prospects of a true culinary experience.

When you begin to plan for your next trip in Romania, you need to take into consideration a couple of elements: what to visit, where to eat, where to sleep. These questions will bring about positive or negative experiences. It is important to have a couple of guiding points in order to make the most out of your trip. It is very easy to enjoy the trip you are about to take if you are properly informed. Seeing as Bukovina is probably the most visited Romanian region, it doesn’t hurt to know where to go and where to eat.

One of the best restaurants in Bukovina can you could visit is Colieri. This is a place there good food is always waiting for new food enthusiasts. The more you know about a specific area, the easier it will be to enjoy its riches and gifts. This is probably why a lot people spend a little bit of time documenting the trip ahead. It is absolutely normal to do so, because it diminishes the chances of running into headaches. Are you ready to discover a couple of things about Colieri restaurant? If you are, then the following rows will prove to be quite helpful. We invite you to discover the beauty of eating well on your trip.

unde pot sarbatori aniversare casatorie in radauti

Welcome to Colieri restaurant

Who doesn’t want to eat something delicious on his trip? Well, more and more foreign tourists want to know where can they eat traditional Romanian food. Fortunately if your trip is in Bukovina, then you are about to come across real traditional food. Yet, you should take a little bit of time to discover the traditional cuisine brought forth by Colieri restaurant. Whenever you begin to look for a restaurant that offer amazing culinary experiences, Colieri always springs to mind. We managed to offer people the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, made from fresh ingredients. What are the culinary treats that you can expect here?

Colieri chefs are talented and always eager to impress clients with their creations. Most of our culinary treats managed to become real stars on various social media channels. People who ate in our restaurant, took various pictures of the dishes and then shared them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

We believe that every client is important and he or she deserves to eat well. This is why you will find at Colieri a welcoming place, where everyone works hard to make your stay a real pleasure. Our menu has a lot of interesting specialties, created with attention to impress visitors. Some of these dishes are there for you to try and enjoy without any problems. Our cooks are more than ready to give you access to amazing dishes, created to please your cravings for something new and delicious.

Where can you find Colieri restaurant? Well, we are located in Radauti, a charming little city in northern Romania, considered by many the culinary heart of Bukovina. You won’t regret planning a visit here. As so many tourists pointed out (on several occasions), Radauti is a town that manages to surprise visitors time after time. There were many food enthusiasts that came here with high expectations and were not disappointed.  You have now the possibility of enjoying different types of food, made with passion and dedication.

We have special dishes made from pork, sheep, beef, chicken and ram meat. Furthermore there are many side dishes that can improve the overall taste of the dish. We are more than ready to offer people the chance to eat something truly amazing. Besides the traditional dishes that are at your disposal in our restaurant, you can also command pizza, salads, delicious desserts and more.

You will find our restaurant at the following address: street 1 May, number 5, Radauti, postal code 725400. It is very easy to find our restaurant. You can take the most out of each culinary experience. In our restaurant you will find welcoming people. Our waiters will help you enjoy your stay in our restaurant. In addition, you will be able to try our different dishes, created to offer unforgettable culinary experiences.

Discover today some of the best Romanian traditional dishes, created to delight your senses and get a feel of local cuisine. In Bukovina you can enjoy pretty amazing experiences, packed with swift access to delicious treats. If you want to eat something delicious during your stay in northern Romania, come with confidence to Colieri restaurant.

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