Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year in Radauti!

22 decembrie

Magic in wonderful Radauti during the winter season!


We are getting closer with enthusiasm and joy to the happy day of Christmas. This is the day of happiness and kind words. No one dares to be upset and tries, as best as she or he can to take the most out of the holiday spirit. During this period we are usually guided by beautiful, sincere and hard to ignore emotions. Every member of the family has certain expectations of the holiday, either the hope of getting something new for Christmas or simply a joyous reunion with dear friends or distant family members. Are you ready for this holiday season? The answer is probably a solid YES!

Happiness is all around us. People smile and try to enjoy every moment of their free time. There are many reasons that determine us to keep a smile on our face. Even thou there are some moments of silence that might bring us a much-needed energy boost. After a long year of hard work and stressful elements, it is pretty nice to relax, sit back and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. There are many people that can’t wait to begin their day knowing that they don’t have a specific place to be. Are you spending your Christmas in Bukovina? If your answer is yes, then you are pretty lucky. This is a wonderful region, where you’ll find traditions, customs and a lot of caroling. As a result, you will enjoy this vibrant holiday better than ever!

Location Colieri

The beauty of a white Christmas


For most of us, this period of the year comes with a lot of surprises. Some of them are quite special, having real chances of becoming unforgettable memories. Christmas has a way about it, which brings friends closer together. During such moments, they socialize and reminisce on all their events during the past year. The smell of baked goods begins to fill the air and you start to feel the magic better than ever. If you are in Bukovina then you are most likely to eat cozonac (a Romanian dessert, served with milk), sarmale (different types of meat, depending on the recipe, rolled in layers of cabbage), pork steaks and many other culinary treats.

For most Romanians Christmas is a very big deal in the kitchen. You have to lay out a full spread on the Christmas meal, inviting guests to sample a little bit from each treat. It can be a real challenge to take on a true Romanian Christmas meal. As so many foreign tourists noticed on several occasions, the food in Bukovina is simply amazing. This is why you might have noticed on your friends Facebook wall or Instagram feed countless pictures of culinary treats, created by Romanian cooks. There are also top-rated restaurants in Radauti that have incredible Christmas menus, where you’ll find delicious treats. This tiny city located in the very heart of Bukovina is known for its restaurants and very talented chefs.

unde pot sarbatori aniversare casatorie in radauti

People that have visited Radauti were amazed by the local food. You can imagine how the local chefs prepare for Christmas here. They are more than happy to cook traditional dishes, capable of expanding the culinary experience and take it to new realms of pleasure. The smells are pretty enticing, inviting you in. Colieri restaurant is more than ready to greet visitors with delicious Christmas treats, created with care and attention. In our restaurant, you will always find culinary specialties that won’t let you down. Our cooks will prepare amazing dishes with different types of meat and fish. Everyone with a special craving can find in our Christmas menu something to eat.


Merry Christmas and a Happy-Happy New Year!

Along the generous year of 2017, we had our fair share of foreign tourists. They were more than happy to try our food. Some of our culinary dishes took different photos of the food they ate which subsequently attracted the attention of other people.

We were quite pleased to see that culinary dishes like Traista Ciobanasului, Mandria Bunicii, Dulce de Bucovina, Dimineata Senina or Vita Culcusita. These were only a couple of the dishes that caught the attention of visitors from all over the world. Now, we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for sharing their experiences at our restaurant with friends and family.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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