Fish specialties to eat in Radauti at Colieri

25 iulie

Top rated fish dishes to consider while visiting Radauti city

As a visitor in Romania, you expect to discover amazing things, which in most cases you actually do. There are countless things to do in our country, ranging from unique touristic experiences to outstanding culinary adventures. You have the opportunity of trying different dishes, prepared with attention by skilled cooks. They can’t wait to greet customers with delicious treats, reuniting local culinary genius and the freshness of Romanian vegetables and fruits. You will be surprised by the amazing tastes found in local dishes. Still, as you soon will discover, every region in Romania is known for its specialties. There are food tourists that can’t wait to sample our take on pork, chicken, turkey, beef and fish meats. In the majority of cases, they are not disappointed by what they find in our country.

Since every region is different, it stands to reason to have your pick of the next destination. When you begin to search for a location that flourishes in your type of food, do so patiently. This is probably a good way to make sure that you’ll have a good time in the place you’re about to visit. There are many places that can become amazing touristic spots, but few that can also offer outstanding culinary experiences.

Where can you find a Romanian region that reunites the creativity of cooks and uniqueness of local cuisine? Well, one of the most popular regions in Romani is Bukovina. This is without a doubt a region that places a specific emphasis on culinary delights. More and more foreign tourists come here to experience the most out of the Bukovina way, paved with delicious dishes and amazing desserts.

In Northern, Romania cooks love to create fish specialties for all to enjoy

The presence of the Carpathian Mountains makes it possible for people to catch fish and prepare with local herbs and vegetables. Along the years the local cooks created unique recipes that include fish and other ingredients. This is why most of the local fish dishes here are created to delight. If you manage to plan your trip and it includes an affinity for fish, you are surely bound to visit Bukovina. There are many people that spend their days looking for travel opportunities in Northern Romania. If you love to eat fish specialties, consider a trip in Radauti. Why should you come to this particular city? There are a lot of reasons that recommend a trip to the city. One of the reasons that determine visitors to come to Radauti is the local cuisine. This is where you will most likely find a couple of interesting fish specialties, designed with heightened attention and skill by creative cooks.

Where can you find a good restaurant that serves fish dishes in Radauti? Even though there are a couple of answers to this particular question, we invite you to come to Colieri restaurant. If you want to eat delicious fish dishes, accompanied by carefully cooked vegetables and unique sauces, discover what we have to offer. Today you can come to our restaurant in order to eat pretty amazing fish specialties. What are the most popular dishes that you could try if you come to Colieri? Well, we are more than ready to offer you unforgettable culinary experiences!

Top rated fish specialties to try in our restaurant

In 2017 people can come to Colieri restaurant in Radauti whenever they want to eat something delicious. If you want to go through an amazing culinary experience, take a moment to browse through our special fish dishes. In our menu, you will find a special section, comprised out of amazing fish dishes. Do you like salmon? Well, if you do then try our amazingly good salmon, served with a pinch of lemon. You can add rice with “lovely” vegetables or rice with mushrooms to spice up the whole dish.

Don’t forget to ask for details on our trout specialties, created to amaze! To this end, we recommend that you try our Impressive Trout, a dish that includes the famous Romanian “mamaliguta”, cream and local herbs. You can also try our Fancy Trout dish, which is accompanied by different grilled vegetables and four slices of lemon. In our menu, you will also find slices of perch and fish made in tiny salt crystals.

Our fish specialties are always cooked with attention and can delight anyone that loves this type of meat. Why should you try one of our fish dishes? Well, a lot of people have tried our dishes and were disappointed. On the contrary: some of our dishes became popular on social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also YouTube). People love to take photos or record videos of the dishes in front of them. Where can you find Colieri restaurant in Radauti? Our address is Street 1 May, Number 5, postal code 725400. You also have the possibility of calling us at the following telephone number 0230 565 500 in order to reserve a table.

Come to Colieri restaurant in the beautiful Radauti city and discover delicious fish specialties!

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