Discover amazing Romanian grilled food at Colieri

16 august

Who doesn’t like grilled food? More and more summer tourists order grilled food in Romanian restaurants!

In the last month of summer, it seems that more and more tourists flock to visit northern Romania, as part of their European travel itinerary. It is quite pleasant to see so many people from different parts of the world, sampling Romanian traditions and lifestyle. Their passion for travels is vibrant in our lands. How come? They have the liberty of discovering amazing places, packed with fascinating stories and interesting things. When you come to Romania, you have the chance to talk to welcoming locals and more importantly eat amazing food. Delicious is definitely the appropriate word to describe Romanian cuisine. That is not all! Each region in our country has its special delights, which you should discover without restrictions.

As a tourist, you want to discover Romania’s touristic objectives and also eat delicious food. Fortunately, the Internet can be of assistance, offering people some guidance in the travel department! Bukovina is one of the most visited Romanian regions, attracting people from all over the world. It is quite helpful to gather interesting details about the places you can visit and food you eat.

You would be surprised to know that there are amazing places to visit here. If you plan on coming to Radauti, make sure you come to restaurant Colieri to try our amazing grilled dishes. What do you have to know about the culinary experiences you can have in our restaurant? If grilling is one of your favorite words when it comes to food, then you could come with confidence to our restaurant. We are pretty sure that Colieri restaurant can surprise you with delicious grilled food.

Top delicious grilled food from Colieri in Radauti

In your search for the most delicious grilled food, you should certainly stop by our restaurant. Why should you come to our restaurant? Well, in our menu you will find a special section for grilled food. You can order different types of food! We are pretty sure that you can find in our restaurant a couple of interesting dishes to try. Romanian tourists love to eat here. We always make sure that the food coming out of our kitchen is in top condition. You should also know that our cooks prepare each ingredient with attention before it becomes part of a delicious meal. This is how we make sure that everything you order in our restaurant is in optimal condition. We have not disappointed our clients and we want to keep things this way for years to come.

Scarita afumata delicioasa la gratar in radauti

Foreign tourists are not accustomed to traditional Romanian food. This is where you will find a couple of interesting dishes, which certainly you can eat without any reservations whatsoever. So, are you ready to discover some of the best-grilled food you can order in our restaurant? If your answer is a definite YES, then you will love the following rows. This is where you can read about delicious grilled food that other clients ordered when they dined in our restaurant!

Do you want to eat something truly amazing?

In 2017 you have the chance of eating something delicious, every single time you come to our restaurant. Since this is a popular dish, we have developed a special section, where you will find our tasty offers. We shall start the “ball” right now with an amazing treat: Romanian mititei, with a twist from Bukovina. Our cooks will impress you with their ability to prepare amazingly tasty mititei, served with mustard and bread. You can also order fried chips in order to complete the whole experience.

Another dish that seems to impress clients every single time is Mixed Grill, which consists of beef steak, pork chops and chicken breasts (100g each). You can add something extra to this main course. You will find in our side dish section a couple of interesting offers. Check this section out and add something amazing to your main course. We also offer visitors the chance to try our smoked pork ribs, loved by those that want to eat something good.  You can also try our ram chops, quite delicious, to say the least.

Pastrav delicios la gratar Radauti

If you are in Bukovina then you might want to try delicious grilled fish. To this end, you could try our grilled trout, served with vegetables done on the grill. When you order this delicious dish, you will get the chance to eat a very delicious fish. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a grilled trout like no other? We are pretty sure that our grilled food will not let you down. Talk to our waiters and they will be more than happy to share any details regarding the available grilled food!

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