Bukovina cuisine and new culinary treats in Radauti

09 ianuarie

Explore the wonderful Bukovina cuisine and enjoy new culinary specialties in Radauti


The year 2018 brings new challenges and provocations that we need to take on with confidence and without stress. There are thousands of people that keep on exploring new countries. They love to get in contact with vibrant new cultures and amazing culinary possibilities. Romania seems to be more than captivating these days, attracting visitors from all over the world. Are you surprised? Probably not! Recent online statistics have shown that Romania is on the travel list of many tourists.

Some come from very far away countries, like the United States of America, Canada, China, Australia or even New Zealand. These are only a couple of countries that seem to resonate with Romanian tourism. As you can imagine there are more, especially from the European Union.

Location Colieri restaurant in Radauti city, Romania

A new type of tourism that seems to be embraced by a lot of folks, is the food one. There are many food travel bloggers that can’t wait to discover the culinary possibilities of a new country. Taking into account that East European countries were kept in a state of mystery for decades, it is absolutely normal to see so many people coming to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland or Ukraine in order to sample different dishes. The local cuisine in such countries is simply amazing, impressing in both taste and in texture. Chefs in these countries love to experiment with different ingredients. Romania is no stranger to such new culinary paths. Some of them are quite innovating and obviously very tasty. If you plan on visiting our country, consider gathering some information on the best spots culinary wise to visit.

unde pot sarbatori aniversare casatorie in radauti

Experience something special in Radauti: Colieri restaurant has an amazing menu for you to discover


Bukovina is one of the star regions of Romania for visitors. It attracts year after year visitors from all kinds of places. Are you surprised by the growing popularity of Bukovina? No. In the northern part of Romania, you will come across a wide range of touristic attractions and fascinating restaurants. As so many people pointed out, Bukovina cuisine is special which can’t be replicated anywhere else. This is where you will find a wide diversity of culinary specialties, worth enjoying with friends and family members. If your travel includes a visit in Radauti, take a moment to consider a visit to our restaurant. Why? Well, in our restaurant you will discover a vibrant expression of Bukovina cuisine, which translates into delicious food.

restaurant aniversare radauti

If you want to enjoy something truly special when you eat, then take a moment to visit our restaurant. We are more than happy to greet you with traditional Romanian dishes, worth sharing with those that you love. We work with passion on every single dish we have in our menu. You will discover a couple of culinary delights, prepared from different types of meat and more. Our menu includes a special section of traditional dishes, carefully prepared by our cooks. They know just how important it is to prepare a traditional dish for a tourist. A food blogger will dedicate a full article to a good specialty, transforming the creator into a giver of culinary pleasure. In our menu, you will find food made from different types of meat (sheep, pork, chicken, beef, and fish), accompanied by various side dishes (potatoes, rice, cabbage and more). Diversity is essential to anyone that wants to sample different things.

Where can you find Colieri restaurant? It is very easy to find Colieri restaurant in Radauti city. Our address is 1 May Street, number 5, postal code 725400. Even though Radauti city is tiny, you will enjoy your stay here. You can eat delicious food in our restaurant and then burn calories by exploring the surrounding areas! We can’t wait to impress you with some of our dishes! As one of the best restaurants in Radauti, we are more than ready to offer a wonderful culinary experience to any tourist.

Are you ready to eat something delicious?

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