Best breakfast in Radauti: culinary joy early in the morning

19 iulie

Choosing to start the day with a culinary delight at Colieri restaurant in Radauti!

Breakfast is without a doubt the most important meal of the day. Early in the morning, we can start the day with a delicious treat, one that can provide us with the energy needed to carry out our tasks. It is quite fascinating to see just how many people are now looking to find great breakfast dishes. Some of them manage to come across amazing restaurants, where cooks prepare delicious early dishes. Whenever we travel somewhere that is renowned for its culinary delights, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us for breakfast. Most travelers look with attention at the restaurants they plan to visit. They want to know what they could try in most parts of the day.

To this particular end, it seems that more and more people are looking ahead at the restaurants set in their close vicinity. This is how they manage to set the framework for good culinary experiences. Since Romania is currently one of the most visited East European countries, it stands to reason to find here great restaurants. At the end of the day, we are talking about a country with a blend of culinary trends and sources of inspiration.

As a result, you can find in different Romanian restaurants stunning dishes with Italian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Serbian and Hungarian influences. You won’t get bored with the type of dishes presently offered in Romanian restaurants.

If you plan on eating genuine and traditional food then you should head out to Bukovina. This region is located in Northern Romania and it is known for its special respect for traditional food. If you want to eat something truly special early in the morning this is probably the best place to visit. There are many restaurants in Bukovina that you could visit without any regrets whatsoever.

Omleta cascaval buna de comandat in radauti

Best place to eat a delicious breakfast in Radauti: why not Colieri restaurant?

Seeing as a growing number of foreign tourists are now on course to visit Radauti and other towns in Bukovina, we thought it might go well with you to present a couple of things about Colieri. What do you have to know about our restaurant? First of all, it is important to know where to find us. Our restaurant is located at the following address: Street 1 May, number 5, postal code 725400.

You should also know that our telephone number is 0230 565 500. You can call us anytime to reserve a table or to make sure that you could eat a special dish at a certain hour. Now that you know where to find us, come to sample some of our more popular dishes.

Mic dejun delicios in Radauti Colieri

We started this article with a special emphasis on breakfast. This is why we are going to let you in on a little secret: our breakfast is more than a simply delicious treat. Why shouldn’t you take the time to browse through the current breakfast Colieri options? We can impress you with a couple of delicious dishes, carefully prepared to astonish the senses and fuel the body with energy. What could we offer you to try early in the morning? There are a couple of choices that can make you smile and start your day with pleasure! So, are you ready? Let’s start!

Sturdy Morning – Pleasant Morning – Tranquil Morning – Three amazing breakfast types at Colieri

When you begin to feel the craving to eat something delicious in the morning, take a seat in our restaurant. We have three major breakfast dishes that could make you smile and more. It would be a shame not to try one of our amazing plates. We carefully create amazing dishes, perfect for any type of morning.

Sturdy Morning was designed for strong starts of the day when you need more protein than usual. As you can imagine such a breakfast contains more meat than you usually find on a breakfast plate.

comanda mic dejun radauti online

Pleasant Morning is a well-drafted plate, which usually manages to impress visitors. You could find in such dishes omelets, fried eggs, sausages, cheese, olives, cucumber, tomatoes and more. Clients have the chance of picking their dish. Tranquil Morning is, as the name suggests, a more quiet pleasure. You will receive coffee, milk or tea – depending on your craving. Furthermore, the plate comes with fried bread slices, honey, butter, and jam.

Have we caught your attention? Well, if we managed to do so, then consider trying one of our breakfast dishes today!

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