Beautiful culinary experiences in Radauti

26 septembrie

Happy tourists eating in Colieri restaurant, Radauti, Suceava County

In Suceava County you will find many touristic and culinary opportunities with amazing potential of relaxation and enjoyment. This is where you will find different sources of pleasure and fun. It is important to know what to visit and where to eat. Since Suceava County is a very popular destination for many tourists from all over the world, it doesn’t surprise us to see a specific interest for culinary sources. How hard can it be to find a good restaurant in Radauti? Well, the answer is not hard, especially if you manage to gather relevant information. We thought that it might come in handy to go through a couple of reviews and restaurant profiles.

If you want to eat something delicious in wonderful Radauti, you could opt for a stop at Colieri restaurant. Why should you take the time to eat something here? Well, it is a charming restaurant that keeps on impressing with its dishes, prepared with carefully selected ingredients. When you want to eat something delicious while visiting Radauti, come with confidence at our restaurant. You will be satisfied with our menu, which includes a wide variety of dishes, which anyone can eat with delight. It is a sort of hidden culinary gen that speaks to the soul. Here is where you will find diversity at its best, which is not bad at all.

Finding the perfect dish after a long trip through northern Romania is essential to the whole experience. This is probably why so many tourists are looking for a good restaurant, perfect for a good time and delicious dishes. Bukovina is certainly a region that impresses with its culinary sources. This is the time to go through a good experience, one that will stick with you for years. Are you ready to discover more things about our restaurant? It doesn’t hurt to the type of food one could eat here, no?

Top dishes to try at Colieri restaurant after a long drive

Bukovina is certainly a Romanian region that continues to impress visitors from all corners of the world. They come here with certain expectations and leave with amazing memories. It is a real treat to see tourists experience the most out of their trips in our country. Still, at the end of a long trip there is always a good meal, one with amazing potential to impress. There are many interesting restaurants in Bukovina that you could try without hesitation. Yet, with the right set of information you will manage to identify rather quickly a restaurant fit for your culinary expectations. One of the most visited restaurants in Radauti is Colieri. Why do so many visitors opt for a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in our restaurant? Well, our cooks managed to create an amazing menu, packed with different types of dishes, optimal for any time of day.

There were many tourists that wanted to start their day with a good breakfast. This is why they decided to come to our restaurant and enjoy delicious dishes. In our menu you will find three types of breakfast: Smashing Morning (a type of Romanian breakfast of champions), Pleasant Morning and Delightful Morning. Each breakfast is created to delight clients with amazing dishes. Add a cup of coffee and hit the road with pleasure and no restrictions. It stands to reason to try a true Romanian soup, one designed to impress. The soups in our country or better known as “ciorbe” are absolutely amazing. Surely you will love eating a soup here. Our selection is vast and includes some of the most famous Romanian soups ever created. We are pretty sure that you will find in our selection a soup perfect for your desire.

The number of people that managed to eat Romanian soups is vast. It is not surprising to see so many tourists trying sample the true liquid culinary treats. Another aspect of Romanian cuisine, with northern creativity is in the joy of cooking. Now, at Colieri restaurant in Radauti you have the possibility of eating traditional food. It doesn’t hurt to know that you have the chance of eating something unique in the true Romanian form. So are ready to embark on true Romanian culinary journeys? If your answer is yes, then Colieri restaurant might surprise you with different tastes. You can start your culinary experience with the Shepherd’s Satchel. How come? Well, this satchel contains sheep pastrami, sheep cheese, onion, mamaliguta and cream. You will absolutely adore this treat.

Another dish that seems to impress clients is The Mercy from the Pig’s Tail. Sounds like an interesting dish, no? Well, it contains delicious slices of pork meat, fried with attention and served with cheese (burduf) and mamaliguta. Another dish that seems to impress with sheer ease is Tochitura Bucovineana or Bukovina Stew. If you opt for this particular dish, you will get deep fried pieces of pork, homemade sausages, smoked ribs, fried eggs, burduf cheese and mamaliguta.

Do you like fish?

When you come to Colieri restaurant, you could opt for a delicious fish treat. If you like to treat yourself with a good fish, then you might want to see our selection. We are pretty sure that you will be delighted to try our special fish dishes. So, you can eat trout, salmon and perch, prepared with care and attention by Colieri cooks. You will be able to eat something truly amazing! If you want to eat a delicious fish, you won’t be disappointed if you want to come to our restaurant.

Pastrav delicios la gratar Radauti

Do you like grilled food?

There are times when we want to eat grilled food. We are not surprised to see that a lot of people search for delicious grilled food.  We give you the chance to opt for Romanian mititei (pork meat with seasoning grilled with attention), Mixed grill, beef steak, chicken breast, smoked ribs, sheep pastrami and many more. You can eat grilled food and add a side dish. We can impress your taste buds with different side dishes. Let’s not forget that you can also eat something sweet and special. Simply check our dessert page and discover treat just for you!

Where can you find our restaurant? It is very easy to spot our restaurant. Our address is 1 May Street, number 5, postal code 725400. We always greet our customers with true Romanian hospitality. Are you ready to try our food? Colieri cooks will surely impress with their creativity and culinary talent!

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